Digital Self Promotion

Digital Self Promotion



Following on from last week, this is another lecture in a series to the Illustration Students at UClan.

This weeks lecture was all about digital self promotion. If you weren't around you missed a great opportunity to have your very own portfolio built in front of the entire class. Well done Lauren Fitton for volunteering!

We focused on the pros and cons of the major design portfolio websites (Bēhance, Cargo Collective, Instagram and Dribbble). We covered why you might upload work to these sites in the first place. Plus successful strategies in getting attention and freelance work from digital self promotion.

Finally, I put together a matrix (see below) of all the site we talked about and discussed how each site is really good at somethings, but not perfect for everyone. Remember, knowing your audience and reasons behind putting your work online are just as important as putting it there in the first place.

Design Digital Self Promotion

Presented at

University of Central Lancashire

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