Employability For Designers

Employability For Designers



This week, my boss(es) at XD have asked me to to present a talk about employability. How to succeed in an interview, how to get the attention of the interviewer and pit falls to avoid that definitely wont help you get the job.

Rather than me just presenting my thoughts, like that previous two lectures (portfolio I've pulled together many opinions from my team and contacts within the design industry.

I've curated their answers, by highlighting trends in advice, and removing some conflicted suggestions. Personally I feel content for this lecture (although a little dull) is the best advice I given so far so make sure you download the PDF and keep it hand for when you're about to be interviewed.

In conclusion I picked our some really nice bits of advice that summarise the entire talk, I've listed these below:

Thanks to my colleagues and friends who helped me out with advice! I hope all you students found it useful, sorry if it was lacking killer visuals this week.

Presented at

University of Central Lancashire

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