Infographic Workshop

Infographic Workshop



This workshop has been put together as part of a series of lectures I'm currently running with the Illustration Students of UCLan. This workshop ties in with the introduction lecture as I presented a lot of my infographics from previous projects, now is the time for you to get an idea of what is involved.

I've put together this quick workshop that ill introduce you to data visualisation. Above is the link to the brief and the data that we'll be looking at in this session.

Because I'm kind, I've listed some resources to help you get started below:

Because I'm presenting this to the illustration students, I'm expecting illustrations and creative ideas. Not just the best way to present data in a graph.

Presented at

University of Central Lancashire

I never got chance to run this workshop, however the content is still there. Feel free to give it a go and tweet me your results (set yourself a time limit of 2-3 hours)!

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