New Site, New Blog

New Site, New Blog

Welcome to my new site.

It's been 7 days of hard graft. But I've built myself a new site. Using a CMS called Kirby. I've always relied on WordPress in the past to build CMS based sites for clients. However I fancied a new challenge and I've heard good things about Kirby, so far it hasn't disappointed.

Right now, (October 19th 2015) the site is pretty basic. I currently have a case studies section, populated with 2 case studies. An about page and a contact page. I've also have a resources page where I've listed all the things in life I love and feel you should be aware of.

Obviously, I have a lot more work to add for a start. My plan is to add more an more, week by week. In manageable chunks. Releasing updates as soon as they're ready, which might mean, to begin with features aren't perfect first time round (rome wasn't built in a day).

The new feature road map looks roughly something like this:

  1. Add a 'work' section for less impressive work, keep casestudies for only the best work
  2. Populate work section with illustration work ready for talk to illustration students
  3. Add custom header illustrations to every page
  4. Add a blog
  5. Add a contact form to the contact page
  6. Integrate Mail Chimp for newsletter sign up
  7. Set up Mail Chimp templates ready to communicate to my followers
  8. Add functionality for quicker and easier SEO via the backend
  9. Add more case studies (Opta, Goal Icon Font, Goal Live Scores)
  10. Add all my work to the work section

For now I've got it to a place now where I'm happy to share with you guys and hopefully get some feedback.
Thoughts / suggestions / improvements all welcome... 😁

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