Below is a list of useful links that hopefully my fellow designers will find interesting and take inspiration from. Like many sections of this site, 'resources' is still a work in progress. I have big ideas, but I need to release things slowly, as there are only so many hours in a day.

I've listed out the major players below, and plan on adding descriptions for each ASAP. If you'd like to see a specific section adding or think I've missed something super obvious. Please email me and let me know!

My go to places for help and inspiration


  • Dribbble

    The popularity contest for designers. But this site still attracts some really good work. My first go to place.

  • Bēhance

    Like Dribbble but more in depth. I've duplicated all my case studies on Bēhance, as it's god good exposure to potential client.

  • Designer News

    Like a finely curated twitter feed, just for designers. I check this most days and ready the weekly email summaries.

  • Designers List

    If it's not in this list, it will be on this site. If the first 2 links didn't help with insperation, I go here.

  • Google Material Design

    Teaching all good about good design on the internet. Makes sense, to check this first if ideas are hard to come by.

  • MaterialUp

    A portfolio of things people have posted online that conform to googles rules. Gets input from the Google Design team which is nice.

  • Sidebar

    5 design news stories everyday. No excuse not to read.

  • Mail Chimp

    The best email marketing service on the planet. I recommend to all my client and use myself.


  • Desinion

    Feedback tool, useful for quick A/B preference tests. Aimed at visual design, for narrowing down options

  • Usability Hub

    Similar to Desinion but used more by UX architects to get feedback on wireframes.


  • Codecademy

    If you want to learn code, do these courses. Then build something. Also good for learning best practices.

  • Skill Share

    I've taken a couple of Skill Share classes and been very pleased. Plus your helping out a fellow designer.

  • Hack Design

    Teaching the basics of design via finely curated internet articles. Lading in your inbox weekly. Good for beginners to learn and a nice recap for experienced designers.


  • Vectorian

    Premium packs are seriously well worth a buy. But the freebies have saved my skin a few times.


  • Awwwards

    The go to place for seeing the best sites around. Site of the day lands in my Slack feed everyday.

  • CSS Design Awards

    Same as above. Sometimes content is duplicated from Awwwards and visa versa. But two sites of the day is better than one.

  • Kirby

    My new favourite CMS. I used to think WordPress was unbeatable, but apparently it is.

  • WordPress

    The wealth of themes, plugins and knowledge on the internet still make this a very powerful CMS.

  • CSS Tricks

    Insightful and useful tips that have helped me out numerous times.

  • codyhouse

    Snippets of code that can really make your site pop. All for free with articles to back up each 'drop'.

  • CodePen

    Like Dribbble or Bēhance, but for Devs. Their Podcast is great too.

  • Foundation

    Great framework for mocking up responsive sites quickly.

  • Snap SVG

    SVGs are great for retina screens. Animated SVGs are even better.


  • Pattern Tap

    A collection of the best UI from around the web. Now hosted by the amazing Zurb

  • Pttrns

    Similar to above. But more for apps. Both are useful when designing digital products.

  • Little Big Details

    Sometimes its the small things that makes a difference. This feed has some great examples.


  • UX Checklist

    Working on a site or app from scratch? This is the process you need to follow.


  • AOI Images Awards

    A great place to find the wolds best Illustrators all in one place. Oh, and I've been shortlisted for this book twice :D

  • Illustration Mundo

    Like a bin of calling cards for illustrators.


  • Visualising Data

    Andy is the leading UK expert in data viz, and one of the best teachers of data visualisation in the world. His blog and training courses are amazing resources and highly recommended


    Now a days these guys are aggressively focused on making money. Their "view" section is still a good place to expose your infographic to potential clients.

  • Column Five Media

    These guys churn out amazing illustration and infographics all the time, great for inspiration.

  • Information is Beautiful

    Does David McCandless even need a description? The guy's a genius, proving you don't have to go to art school to be a designer.

  • Jess3

    Similar to Column Five. Good for inspiration.

  • Ben Willers

    Super talented, minimalist data visualiser


  • The Noun Project

    Free and paid for icons. Good for research and hosting your icons.

  • Material Design Icons

    All Googles icons in one place. Also great for inspiration. Oh they're open source too. If you ever need something quick!

  • Iconutopia

    Teaching the basic of icon design. Good resource as well.

  • Copy Paste Character

    Never need the glyph window ever again! Every character possible just a click away.


  • Lost Type

    Some great replica old fashioned typefaces that you choose how much you pay for them. I don't condone £0.00, these guys work hard. But it is possible.

  • What The Font?

    Ever struggling for a font? Upload a PNG and hey presto... its normally pretty accurate.

  • Fontn

    Know the name of the font but don't have the files? Try this site.

  • Fonts In Use
  • CSS Font Stack

Stuff I’ve Bought and things I use

Work Stuff

  • Oliver Peoples Fairmont OV5219

    A designer needs good vision! With a -7.5 prescription in each eye. Without these I'm pretty screwed... :)

  • 15” MacBook Pro Retina

    This is my primary computer, it’s super quick and much lighter than their regular MacBook Pros. Also, since Adobe updated their software to retina resolution, it’s super awesome.

  • 27" iMac

    My late 2009 isn't as quick as my MacBook these days, but the screen size is still impressive. I much prefer a bigger screen.

  • Wacom Intuos Pro Medium

    I can work without a Wacom, but productivity is literally slashed in half. I also have a bamboo, for back up.

  • Magic Trackpad 1

    I can't live without gestures. They really speed up my workflow and make daily tasks a breeze.

  • Apple Keyboard with numeric keypad

    I can't be doing without a numerical keypad! Or replacing batteries for a keyboard.

  • Canon CanoScan LiDE 90

    My Scanner of choice, although its olllllddd now. Still does the job, but I need a new one soon.

  • Epson Stylus Photo R285

    Like my scanner, this printer is old now. But it's still bossing any photos I want printing. Ink is expensive however. :(

  • Bose SoundTrue around-ear headphones

    My summer earphone of choice. Although I get crazy hot with this on in summer so I switch to the in-ear's. Even though the around-ears are better in my opinion.

  • Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones

    In summer these are the biz. Can happily sit with these on all day and get in the zone. Also great for the gym and running.

Software / Apps

  • Dropbox Pro

    Dropbox completely changed the way I work. Extremely good at syncing files. By far the best cloud service, in my opinion.

  • Alfred

    Spotlight on speed. I use every time I turn on my computer. It's free, but the power-pack really makes it an awesome bit of kit. Make sure you get buy the "Mega Supporter" licence ;)

  • 1Password

    Like Alfred, I use this EVERY TIME I turn on my Mac. Saves me hours of time, weekly. I really really can't recommend this app enough

  • Coda 2

    My text editor of choice. Some nice shortcuts that same LOADS of time. Plus a very robust FTP client, all in one.


    Forget MAPP or XAMPP, this it literally 1 click away from hosting you site on your machine.

  • TSO Host

    I host all of my side projects on a TSO Host Cloud account. TSO Host has been a dream to work with, their customer service is AMAZING. They're always happy to help and respond as soon as physically possible.

  • Kirby CMS

    WordPress was my weapon of choice for years, but I'm now a converted. I use Kirby as the content management system for my website.

  • WordPress

    If I'm not using Kirby, I'll be using WordPress.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

    Expensive, but exceptional. Always improving a very solid product... I shouldn't really need to even put it on the list. Goes without saying.

  • Sketch

    Designing Apps daily has converted me to the "UI app of the year" (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015). Really good light weight bit of kit.

  • Wunderlist

    My list making app of choice. I've tried a few, Apple's Reminders app and the very capable Clear

  • Ember

    Great app for organising inspiration from multiple sources. Gutted its no longer supported.

Things I Want

Extra Bits


  • Rich Hinchcliffe

    The most talented creative I've ever had the pleasure of work with. He's a nice guy too, although he bossed me around for 3 years.

  • Ricky e'Sousa

    The next Rich Hinchcliffe in the making. Bringer of good vides, always lightening the mood. Oh, he's freelancing these days, so HIRE HIM NOW!

  • Stephan Gerlach

    The best backend developer I know. He's dug me out of many a sticky situation. Always happy to help, teach and share. Patience is a virtue.

  • Asis Patel

    My UX architect of choice. Super talented guy who's taught me the UX process and the importance of User Experience.

  • Andy Kirk

    Andy is the man behind His knowledge of the data visualisation field is second to none. He's taught me a lot through his blog and his training courses.

  • First 10 Digital

    My old employer. Super great guys. Doing super cool shit daily.

  • Ed Hanley

    The best 3D designer I know. He make awesome computer games.

  • Hunk Print

    Prints, T-Shirts, what ever you want go see these guys. They're great at what they do and care about fairtrade etc. Which is a bonus.

  • Stephanie Dominguez

    Concept artist, who make some amazing piece of art. You have the idea she can visualise it.

  • Kayleigh O'Mara

    Super nice girl, making a living making things!

  • boneface

    Went to uni with this guy. His drawings blow my mind. Crazy good.

  • Sector 4 Illustration

    Similar to boneface, we were also course mates. Another talented guy with more mind blowing illustration skills.

  • Preston Illustration

    My old courses' blog. Great to see updates from where I leant a lot... and drank a lot.

  • The disciples of Design (TDoD)

    Great graphic design blog, keeping me up to date with uni and the industry.

  • Provius

    A little side project I'm working on. Working with some great guys, super talented in their own fields. Watch this space...

  • You?

    Shit! I've missed you off the list! Don't take it personal. It's not because you didn't make the cut, I just forgot to add you. Please let me know I can rectify this.


Please Sir, can I have some more?

    Do you want to know something else about me? If I can turn it into a list, let me know and I'll add it here...