Leeds Dribbble Meet Up

An introduction to Preform Design

Leeds Dribbble Meet Up

Hello and thank you for taking an interest in the 2nd Dribbble Meetup in Leeds. We're really looking forward to meeting you on the 20th. Below is a brief overview of the agenda on the night:

18:00ish - Upstairs at Black Swan opens
Stairs on the right hand side after you walk in. There is a bar upstairs and we should be up there pretty early setting up chairs etc, so come up and say hi 👋

19:00 - Quick introduction talk
An introduction from Rob about how the event has come about, we also have a quick talk from our sponsors

19:10 - Design Disruptors Film Starts (duration 1hr 10min)
If you don't know about this by now, see below.

20:20 - Drinks and toilet break
Time to get yourself another bevy and freshen up

20:30 - Networking event (optional)
We have some ideas to get you guys talking. Prepare to introduce yourself to fellow designers from the Leeds area.

21:00ish - Summary/Wrap up
We’ll run a quick wrap up from our networking session.